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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Life Is Not Gonna Be A Catastrophe


Alhamdulillah finally i got this chance to update my dearest blog named Qi Diey "A Boy's Life"..

Hurm why the title of this entry seems to be so serious?? Daaa Its nothing.. I can guaranteed you that its nothing (while crying and sobbing)

Actually im really busy Right now.. with a lot of assignment and so much things to do..

I have to make Sure my CTU Assignment entitled Teori Evolusi Darwin Satu Komentar be done..
Second ELC 091 Pairwork be done
third ELC 091  ( Forum) be done

and lot more.. upcoming test is really around the corners.. and the most sad thing is about im gonna lost a precious Lecturer named MIss Ati.. she's not gonna teach me any longer.. she's done with her Duty and like She Always Said.. "Saye Nak Kawenn".. ehhee

okay actually im waiting for my next class now its LAW 012.. today its really special because it gonna be held at Moot Court... yeahhh a great opportunity to be there...

 thats all chiao miao liaooo

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