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Friday, 18 July 2014

Takziah MH17


sedang saye lena dibuai mimpi pagi tadi then my sister called my home number talking to my another sister.. (bape banyak kakak die ni ade = 6) and one of their highlighted topic is MH17..

upon hearing that I quickly woke up from my bed and straight to TV.. hurm.. another accident involving Malaysia Airlines and this time its called MH17

kene bom katenye.. and that is very tragic..

Pagi tadi ade la bukak FB and saje je bukak Omegle.com a site to webcam with total stranger.. I put my interest "Malaysia" and then I've been connected to strangers with the same interest and with a simulated webcam showing slideshow of Man wearing army like costume with guns and weapon all over their body plus covering their face with mask..

Then they text me this.

Stranger: Sorry about your plane
Stranger: It was accident
You: yes
Stranger: Personally
Stranger: Wish it was USA plane
Stranger: #DonbassProblems
You: its okay
Stranger: you guys should stop flying
Stranger: It doesn't seem to be going well mate :DDDDD
You: we've change our route already
Stranger: 2 planes in one year
Stranger: How are stock prices holding?
Stranger: Lel.
Stranger: It is an Indonesian conspiracy
Stranger: IMO

I was like this is a joke right?? ... 

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