How Wonderful Allah Fate Is...


Actually I've been so eager to update my most and precious blog.. but seems time a little bit jealous and holding grudge on me so i just minimize the notification to update my blog in my bare mind.

Final is just another two from now and I'm feels really calm.. No anxious feeling but I'm not really sure whether this feeling is a good sign from God or vice versa.,.. If vice versa, I just could says this word... NAUZUBILLAHIMINZALIK

A lot of things happen to me when I'm finally becoming a University's student. At the first stake I think that I maybe have to face some difficulties in order to find a genuine friend. But Allah heard me.. He just did it.. He just granted me a real nice person to be next to me..which i could called as Best Friend Forever. InsyaAllah till Jannah.

Actually we don't really know each other, until one day when i decided to go to my very first own outing, which is at SOGO, Allah fated everything there. I ask his opinion to choose me a shirt to be worn during class and he came with a real good suggestion. From that moment, we become a real good friend. He totally understand my mind and my way. Actually im a little bit cocky and have so many attitudes. He just knew it and know how to handle me. Every words from his mouth make me realizes that I lives in this world is to be a human which knows their duty towards The Almighty God.

He just a simple guy with a lot of specialty. Need to dig it deeper.

This is when have a wonderful picnic at Bukit Cherakah. Thanks to Abg Adam for bringing me there.

I really hope that all these peoples who fated to exist in my life can lead me to on the right path and finally can show the right way to my last destination which I refers as HOMETOWN named Jannah. InsyaAllah.


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